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Wally Cat
Our Office Manager
We are a family owned business located in Northern California.  Established in 2007, we always offer personal service to our clients. Using state of the art CNC software and our large 3-axis CNC router, we cut, carve, shape and engrave wood, plastics, composit materials, and foam. We do creative carving in 3D relief and some inlay as well.  
We have years of experience cutting production runs of repetative elements for large manufacturers.  We also work closely with artisans and crafts people to create customized elements faster and more accurately than is possible by hand.  Our services save you time and money.  Contact us with your project needs today. 
Basic Pricing

Every job is unique, therefore we need to speak with you about your project to be able to estimate your actual cost. The following is our basic critera:


Design / computer time: $30 / hour


Machining time: $60 / hour


Materials: Current market value


Shipping: Calculated in estimate.


We are reasonable in our pricing. We taylor your cost to your situation. You may provide us with materials at your cost. Design time is highest for first time runs. Additional runs of same design cost less. .

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